Genealogy Roadshow

Ellis Island Detention Lists and Records

Find out why immigrants may have been detained at Ellis Island and the paper trail that can shed light on the past.

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This series takes an historical look into a community by exploring the genealogy of its citizens. In each episode experts will guide six local participants through their family's genealogy.
Upcoming Air Dates
  • #302 — Miami |
    Thursday, Jun 29 at 9pm TPT LIFE
  • #302 — Miami |
    Friday, Jun 30 at 3am TPT LIFE
  • #303 — Houston |
    Saturday, Jul 1 at 1pm TPT 2
  • #303 — Houston |
    Thursday, Jul 6 at 7pm TPT LIFE
  • #303 — Houston |
    Thursday, Jul 6 at 9pm TPT LIFE
  • #302 — Miami
    Follow genealogists as they trace stories about Pocahontas, a Cuban grandfather's secret past, the impact of WWII on a Filipino family, changes wrought by the Tuskegee experiment and a possibly villainous ancestor.
    Thursday, Jun 29 at 9pm TPT LIFE
    Friday, Jun 30 at 3am TPT LIFE
  • #303 — Houston
    Investigate a re-enactor's Texas roots; learn about Andersonville prison; find out if a black man's ancestors fought for the Confederacy; and uncover one woman's link to a prominent Texas figure and another's connection to the Cherokee Freedman.
    Saturday, Jul 1 at 1pm TPT 2
    Thursday, Jul 6 at 7pm TPT LIFE
    Thursday, Jul 6 at 9pm TPT LIFE
  • #304 — Our Favorite Stories
    Join genealogists Joshua Taylor, Kenyatta Berry and Mary Tedesco, who revisit their favorite stories from previous seasons, and three memorable guests who return to share what has happened since their appearances.
    New Saturday, Jul 8 at 1pm TPT 2
    Thursday, Jul 13 at 7pm TPT LIFE
    Thursday, Jul 13 at 9pm TPT LIFE
  • #305 — Boston
    Join genealogists at iconic Faneuil Hall to solve mysteries related to the Salem Witch Trials, orphan trains, the Great Boston Fire of 1872 and the small pox epidemic, and research a link to the founders of Boston.
    Saturday, Jul 15 at 1pm TPT 2
    Thursday, Jul 20 at 7pm TPT LIFE
    Thursday, Jul 20 at 9pm TPT LIFE
  • #306 — Providence
    Join genealogists at the Providence Public Library to research stories about Holocaust survivors; a guest's African-American relative who served in WWI; a man's Amish ties; a woman's roots in the whaling industry; and a Rhode Island macaroni company.
    Saturday, Jul 22 at 1pm TPT 2
    Thursday, Jul 27 at 7pm TPT LIFE
    Thursday, Jul 27 at 9pm TPT LIFE
  • #307 — Los Angeles
    Examine a family's connection to the legendary Hollywood pharmacy, Schwabb's; a link to one of the first African-American college graduates; a family tree wrapped in a genealogical web that has captivated the Roadshow team for years; and more.
    Saturday, Jul 29 at 1pm TPT 2


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